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Why Listing Photos Matters

Whether you’re an agent or you’re selling a home, listing photos is very important part of advertising in real estate.  Especially nowadays buyers are often busier and may not have the time to drive by not unless they are really serious in buying a home. Listings with great photography will surely caught the attention of the homebuyers online. Because typically when a home buyer is looking for a home at online listings; the first thing that they look is the photo. If the photo does not look good buyers would definitely not bother to click on the listing and will just move on.

Appropriate Equipment

A poor quality images is one of the common mistakes that I’ve noticed when I look at the homes for sale on the internet. Appropriate equipment should be used in order to achieve properly lit and high-high resolution photos. It’s worth spending to buy decent equipment.

The Brighter The Better


The most important part of the picture is the light. When taking a photo, if it’s possible try to schedule it on a sunny day and make sure to open the curtains to allow the natural sunlight in. Nowadays in the internet age, you only have one chance to make a first impression. If your images look so dull and gloomy you will lose the interest of the people who are viewing your property.

 Staging and Prep


Since first impression is very important, real estate agents and sellers should also spend more time on photo shoot as they do in creating a curb appeal or when staging an open house.  As a seller, getting the right photos for your home is very important because this will help you to attract homebuyers online. So you have to make sure that your home is fully cleaned and free of clutters before you schedule a photo shoot.

Take Pictures Of What Really Counts

Creating good visuals is an important part of advertising. This is the first thing that you should prioritize when you are marketing your listing on the MLS. This way, you can attract people to view your listings and can have the possibility of making an offer. So, when you are taking a picture you have to ensure that the house must be free of clutter and reasonably clean. You have to allow the person or the home buyer who is seeing the pictures to visualize his or her things instead of seeing someone else’s.  You may also try to include colorful things in the photos such as flowers, artwork etc.

Make Improvements If It Is Needed

There are several ways that can now use to enhance any pictures that you might need a little improvement. With the use the free software on your computer you can now enhance the photos that you want to improve.

Size Matters

If you’re uploading an image on the MLS it would be better if you would shrink your images first using a photo editor before uploading the file to optimize the photos. You can also use Photoshop if you have one.



It is also a good idea to crop and resize the photo on your end before uploading the picture. This way it will look better compare to the other one.