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The Ideal Buying and Selling Experience

We all know for the fact that buying and selling a home is not an easy process. Giving the opportunity on how can I transform the ideal of buying and selling is really a challenge for me to do. Definitely, I would make the process much easier not just for the buyer and the seller but with all the parties involve in the transaction process. This is how I’m going to change it.


First let’s start with the home sellers. First I would make every home sellers know that hiring a professional real estate could actually help them make the whole transaction process much easier. Trying to sell your home on your own is not that really easy especially if it is your first time. That is why in general; hiring a professional real estate agent is highly recommended. Although you need to pay for a real estate agent commission however in the long run its worth paying for. Hiring a professional real estate agent could actually help to you to set a competitive selling price for your home, Agents can also perform many task all throughout the Real Estate transaction process. They know your interests, needs, and wants. Real estate agents can also help you to communicate with other people connected in the negotiation. Lastly, professional real estate agents are familiar with the all the paper work transaction so don’t have to worry that much and you can ensure that the process goes smoothly.

For Buyers

14775165834_aa0f81c584_mI have notice there are a lot of foreclosure properties or short sales properties that are listed on the market. So in order avoid this to happen it would be better if I will be implementing that every mortgage company will give the home buyer a very low interest rates on their mortgages. This way, it would give the chance for the homebuyers to afford the home that they would like to buy. But In reality, we could avoid foreclosure to happen if from the very start we already know how to set our budget. Determining how much you can afford so that you can come up to a better decision on what property you should buy.

Plus hiring a buyer’s agent could actually help the homebuyers do the job and buyer’s agent’s fee is typically free! That’s a good thing to know about hiring a buyer’s agent; their services are usually free because it is being paid by the seller’s agent. It would be easy for a buyer’s agent to look for properties because they have an access to all the properties that are listed on the market. Grabbing this kind of opportunity could actually make your home buying process much easier.

14591021787_86af058214_mThis is my own point of view in a home selling and home buying process. If every home buyer and home seller would actually seek the help of a professional real estate agent then the whole buying and selling experience could actually be much easier.




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