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Moving Tips

Now you’re ready to move in to your new home. I’m pretty sure you’re very excited about it. That is why I wrote this blog about moving tips in order to make your life much easier by making your possession stay organized for a peaceful, hassle free and exciting move.

Make A List

Startup Stock PhotosWrite everything down. Before you start packing, create a simple record keeping system. List down the contents of each box and put a number on every box that you pack.


Use a Hand Carry Bag

Use a bag wherein you can have an easy access with your essentials such as toiletries, clothes, medicine kit, laptop etc. This way you can avoid getting too tired of unpacking your things and you can also avoid the risks of getting your things stolen during a move.

Do It Yourself Box Handles

In order to make picking up and lifting heavy boxes a bit easier you can also create a DIY box handles. Using a utility knife or cutter cut a handhold in two sides of the box. Then leave the top flaps of your triangular cut outs attached and then simply fold them in.

Put Labels on Your Boxes

When putting a label on the box put it both sides of the boxes not on top. This way it will be easy for you to identify them even if they are stacked & don’t forget to put on to which room they will be going into. So that when you arrive to your new home the unpacking process is much easier.

Use a clear plastic bin to pack the items that you will need first.

Using a clear bin allows you to see what’s in the inside. You can use this container to put your eating utensils, cookware, tools paper towels, cellphone charger, and cleaning supplies that you will need upon arrival to your new home.

Pack heavy – Pack Light


Remember to always pack items in small boxes. This will make the transferring of the boxes much easier.

Pack the plates vertically

When packing your plate it would be better if you will pack them vertically rather than placing it flat and stacked. This way they’ll be less likely to break.

Use Rolling Luggage For Heavy Items

If you have a rolling luggage you can also use that to put your heavy items like books so that you can avoid the heavy lifting and you can just simply roll the bag to your moving truck.

Don’t Forget About The Fridge

Make your grocery last for only two weeks prior to moving so as to avoid ending up throwing out move foods. Lastly, remember to defrost and clean your refrigerator at least a day before moving. Have it thoroughly cleaned and dried the inside of the refrigerator. I would also suggest that you put some baking soda on it or a charcoal in a sack and place it inside your refrigerator. This way it will keep the interior smelling fresh.


Photo credits: cambodia4kidsorg via Flickr cc by 2.0


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