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The Drawbacks Of An Open House

open-house-778_1920Real estate agents offer the services of open house when doing their listings. Sellers also believed that open houses are a great way to attract potential home buyers. Is an open house necessary when selling a home? In my previous blog I have talked about the benefits of doing an open house. However, even if there are advantages of doing an open house in a real estate there are also some disadvantages as well

Here are some of the disadvantages of doing an open house.

Wrong Kind of Traffic

Having the fact that when you do an open house you may get a number of different people walking through your home and viewing it, but there are only few legitimate buyers. Some of the people who come to look at your home can’t even afford the listing price because there is no pressure to buy it, or there’s no screening process.

Open House Addicts

There are also people who frequently go to an open house without the intention of buying the property. Others will go as pastime, since open houses are usually done during weekend.

The Dreamer

You do an open house it does not mean that every people who walk through your home and to view can afford to buy it. Everyone has the right to dream of owning a nicer, bigger and better home someday and open house gives them the chance to the experience of buying a new home.

 The Idea Person

We cannot deny the fact that there are also some people who will go open house to hunt for ideas for their own homes. The idea person love visiting real estate open houses because by doing so they were able to get ideas about the designs of your home and your paint choices. Some of them may even pretend that they are really interested in buying your home but the truth is they are just getting idea on how it was done.

Nosy Neighbors

Real estate open houses can also draw in curios neighbors. Some of them may be great neighbors some of them may be not. But when you do an open house, you may not want them wandering around you house unfortunately; there is no way to stop them.


Doing an open house may draw in potential buyers but knowing
your home is open all day to strangers could also attract burglar. It also allows people to look around of your home with little to no supervision and can give them the opportunity to plan out their crime. So you have to make sure that when you do open houses ensure that all possible entrances to your home are secure.

Possibility Of Theft

If you’re going to do an open house, make sure to remove all your personal belongings and valuable items before the open house event. During the open house the possibility of theft does exist.
Criminals might steal your valuable items and some important things to your home.



2 thoughts on “The Drawbacks Of An Open House

  1. when I was a new agent, my broker said “do an open house for another agent, it’s a great way to meet potential buyers”. Most people who visit open houses are not ready to buy. They may be 12 months away from making that step and contacting an agent. Some people see it as using a sellers house as a way to drum up business that does not benefit the seller. Food for thought. I do them if my sellers want them, otherwise, I don’t push it.


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