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Pros and Cons of Homeowners Association

Credits to Andrew Jameson


In making a home purchase, one factor that home buyer give consideration is whether to decide if they will choose to have HOA, Home Owners Association or not. This will still depend on the preference on home buyer. Some people would choose to live in a community that is well organized and well maintained. If you are considering moving into an HOA community here are some advantages and disadvantages that you should know.

Home Owners Association Advantages

Many Homeowners prefer to live in an HOA community due to several reasons:

Clean and Beautiful Surroundings

Most HOA have certain rules to follow about the community appearance. The common area that HOA’s maintain is the garden, swimming pool, tennis court, playgrounds, community centers and some recreational facilities. The kept every area neat and tidy and make sure that streets and sidewalks are free of trash.

Nicer Neighbourhood

Because HOA rules are very strict especially with the exterior appearance of your home, the result is you have a nicer neighbourhood since they all look uniform. Many HOA’s facilitate a neighbourhood watch and put up a gate around the community and hire’s security personnel to properly monitor the area.

 Basic Maintenance is Included

One of the good things of having an HOA is getting a basic maintenance such as plumbing landscaping, and removing of snow. This will help you lessen your responsibilities and stress.

Say Goodbye to Pest

Aside from having basic maintenance, Most Home Owner’s Association also provide pest control. There will be no termite eating your wall, and racoons.

Association Management

If you have a problem with your neighbour like they were always too loud and always shouting, dogs barking, loud parties etc. You can address this problem directly to the Home Owners Association instead of getting directly to your neighbour. This will help you resolve the conflict and can also avoid fighting with your neighbour.

Home Owners Association Disadvantages

When you buy a home with Home Owners Association, you would have to add to your budget the home owner’s monthly dues.

You cannot easily make some changes to your home

If you want to make changes to your home like changing the exterior color of your home or make some renovations outside. You would have to ask for an approval from the homeowners association before making changes to your home. Home owners are very strict on these because they want to maintain a nicer neighbourhood.

You’ll lose some of your freedom

Living in a community governed by an HOA community has some rules that you strictly need to follow. Aside from losing your freedom in making some changes to your home, there are also limitations like the number of parking areas each resident must have. HOA’s may also indicate whether they will allow pets in the community. If you don’t agree with these rules, you can also file a petition. However, if you lose, then you’ll have to live with it.

Foreclosure is Possible

There are some HOA”s have the authority to foreclose a property if you cannot pay the monthly dues. This regulation varies from state to state and in general applies for rare cases. However it’s still something to think about.


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