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Imagine the future of Real Estate

Real Estate in the US is a highly dependent on the country’s economy. But whether the economy goes up and down the Real Estate business never slows down. The only thing that varies, depending on the state of the economy, is the inventory of the properties in the market. If the economy is down there will be possibilities of foreclosures, thus, REO properties and short sales will be more likely seen in the market. Probably more sellers than buyers. If the economy is up, the people will have a more decent, high paying jobs, they will have more buying capacity and have the opportunity to invest in the Real Estate. So whether the economy is up or down, the Real Estate business never goes down. The buyers and sellers will always look for someone who can cater their Real Estate needs.

In one aspect, home rentals nowadays are too high. And because of that, people would rather choose to get a rent to own house rather than to pay for their monthly rentals. Also there are lots of rent to own houses that offer a good price. That is why in most cases people would rather get a home that will benefit them in the future. Of course, who does not want to have their own home? I believe everybody does. It’s just like, they get what they are paying for. Therefore, the demands for this specific type of real estate is also high. Especially now that our population is rapidly growing, whether you like it or not, the need for these houses are also increasing since housing is a basic human need.

Based on may own point of view, there is a future in the  Real Estate regardless of the status of the economy. Therefore, I conclude that the Real Estate future is Bright!!!


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